35. Dr. Azi Jankovic

Business Consultant, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Mental Health Advocate


Dr. Azi Jankovic
What it means?

The acquisition and application of knowledge, skills, and beliefs.

Why it matters?

An openness and willingness to learn is what will get us anywhere we choose to go. When you believe in your ability to learn, and the importance of learning, the entire game changes. “Failure” simply becomes feedback, and is thereby transformed into what fuels progress. Nothing is set in stone. Not intelligence. Not ability. Not ‘talent.’ And certainly not potential.

How can we promote it?

We can promote learning by asking questions, and by being brave enough to try something new, even if we don’t succeed at first.
We can ask others ‘how’ they have done what they have done. We can share what we know with friends, colleagues, online, or around the dinner table. We can consume knowledge.
And. Most importantly, we can create and share content and experiences from the learning that we’ve already done.