42. Bosmat Levi

Head of International Division, Wissotzky Group


Bosmat Levi
What it means?

Freedom is the ability to run my life on my terms, to be able to express myself the way I want and ensure that my children can also enjoy such freedoms without fear. Freedom is being my true self all the time.

Why it matters?

Freedom is one of the most significant values, since it gives us the right to be ourselves. Freedom of expression is an important human right which is vital to any democratic society. It enables the free exchange of ideas, opinions and information and thus allows members of our society to form their own opinions on issues of public importance.

How can we promote it?

Educating our children
We need to teach our children about their rights and freedoms, encouraging them to think critically and question the system and established inequalities, and model these behaviors ourselves.

Fight for our rights with no fear
We need to be vigilant and stand up for ourselves and others when we see our rights being violated or restricted, even if it feels uncomfortable or risky. We can look for organizations and movements that advocate for greater freedom and human rights, and use our voices and platforms to amplify their messages.