63. Aviva Shemesh, MBA

Energy and Climate Policy Consultant, Ecotraders Ltd. Ph.D. Candidate, Technical University of Munich


What it means?

 Sustainability suggests that social well-being is closely related with a healthy environment in all of its aspects.

Why it matters?

Being sustainable means that we and future generation can and will continue living on Earth harmoniously with all the ecological systems surrounding us, the soil, fellow humans and all other living creatures.

How can we promote it?

 In order to create a sustainable future, we have to make sure that the physical resources are not abused and that no one is left behind. This year has been a wake-up call to many in Israeli society, in that it made many people realize that continuing to do what we do is unsustainable in many ways. Caring for democratic values means caring for social justice just as we care for the climate and the ecology of nature. Democracy means also caring for our neighbors, near and far.  We cannot promote one pillar and forget about the rest.