38. Arela Koter

Marketing Director


What it means?

Equality is about ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their life and capabilities.

Equality mostly influences underprivileged populations, such as the poor, women, people of color, minorities and more.

Equality manifests itself by providing all people with the same opportunities in schools, academia, the economy, work and social conditions.

Why it matters?

Equality is an important value for a healthy society. It shows that we care for all people and that we want to give them hope to achieve their personal and collective goals. Giving people hope, it affects not only their lives but also the nation’s prosperity.

 When people don’t feel equal, they become frustrated which undermines their place in the community. This prevents them from striving to improve their lives, and ultimately affects the flourishing of the economy, education, health and technology.

How can we promote it?
  • Ensuring women’s equality in major decision-making junctions
  • Providing education for equality at primary education stages
  • Providing equal resources, such as education, health, and more, to underprivileged populations