23. Alisa Galitzer

Oncology Nurse


What it means?

Accountability is about accepting responsibility for my actions – at home with my husband and children, at work with my colleagues and patients, with friends and family, and with myself. Life isn’t perfect; we are all human and make mistakes, but as long as you own them, learn from them, and forgive yourself, you can move on successfully.

Why it matters?

When things go wrong, it is much easier to find excuses and place the blame elsewhere, but I really believe it is so important to take responsibility and look inwards. Accountability is how we can better ourselves – both professionally with further education, as well as personally. There is always room to grow!

How can we promote it?

I teach a large number of nursing students and new nurses at the clinic, and by far the most effective method is to practice what you preach – lead by example. If I want nurses of the future to be accountable for their actions they need to see it from me. Society these days feels so reliant on someone else doing things for you, but we need to get back to doing more ourselves and be accountable for it.