When was the last time you started a revolution?

Let's celebrate the women who unlocked doors for us.


Create a post that thank a woman who inspired

change or changed legislation that makes a 

difference in your life.


♦ Ruth Bader Ginsburg

♦ Eleanor Roosevelt

♦ The Suffragettes

♦ Malala Yousafzai 

♦ Lynn Povich 

♦ Take inspiration from your own country and culture 



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♦ What doors do we still have to open?

♦ How can we open doors for the women who come after us?

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On March 16, 1970

46 courageous women changed
the face of journalism
in a groundbreaking complaint to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 

If you have a credit card

in your name 

Good Girls Revolt


If you can vote

If you are a journalist 

If there are
sexual harassment laws
that protect you

It is because of the courageous women
who have come before you.

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March 16, 2021

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